A great interactive introduction to molecular dynamics simulation can be found here (Group of Friederike Schmid, U Mainz)

Courses Taught

  • Senior Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratory (CHEN 4130) – Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2019 (Student evaluation: 5.9/6.0)
    Undergraduate course
  • Chemical Engineering Materials (CHEN 4440) – Spring 2017, Spring 2018, 2020 (Student evaluation: 4.5/5.0)
    Undergraduate course
  • Fluid Dynamics (CHEN 3200) – Spring 2016
    Undergraduate course
  • Intermediate Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CHEN 5370-001) – Fall 2015
    Graduate course
  • Engineering Properties of Polymers – Spring 2008-2014
    Undergraduate course
  • Simulation of Nanoscale Materials – Spring 2007, Fall 2010, Fall 2012
    Graduate course
  • Advanced Characterization of Functional Polymers – Fall 2011, Fall 2008
    Graduate course
  • Advanced Functional Polymers – Fall 2007, 2009
    Graduate course
  • Nanocomposites – Spring 2008
    Graduate course (with S. Jana and M. Soucek)
  • Department Seminar (Organizer) – Spring 2007

Undergraduate Research

Seven undergraduate students made valuable contributions in our research projects since Fall 2015 as part of independent study, UROP, and voluntary research programs, in part supported by NSF grants. We are looking for motivated and interested students year round.

Programs with High Schools

Sam and Lesli regularly engage in teaching in public schools in the Boulder Valley School District with presentations and demonstrations to children and teachers related to science and engineering. Maintaining relationships with the K-12 community at all levels is very valuable for us. We encourage our PhD students for regular outreach and community service as part of our educational experience.

Prior Outreach Activities

Our research group organized an annual Engineering Career Day for high school students, parents, and teachers at the University of Akron, Ohio, until 2015 to provide a forum to introduce the various engineering disciplines and career options. The annual events involved short presentations, lab tours, and Q&A sessions for the High School students lead by faculty and current undergraduates.

We also coordinated the local and national level qualifying exams for the international chemistry olympiad for High School students in a three-county region in Akron, OH, supported by NSF and the local section of ACS (2007-2015). The program promotes the participation of gifted students in the National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) and in the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). It is also an opportunity for students to  participate in science and engineering projects at the University.