Our projects advance the very frontier of materials simulations and we are continuously looking for new team members with deep scientific foundations, and a drive for excellence and perseverance in challenging and rewarding projects. Just as much as the science, interpersonal, presentation, writing, and illustration skills are essential to communicate effectively with team members, sponsors, users, and project partners. We offer many opportunities to become proficient in multidisciplinary, focused research projects and in team skills in our daily work, which will prepare you (a prospective team member) for a unique future career.

Research projects for PhD candidates and postdoctoral scholars are related to the following areas:

  • Biological recognition and crystal growth of metal nanostructures, apatites, and biominerals
  • Biomimetic assembly and reactivity of nano-alloys catalysts (ORR, OER, HER, NRR)
  • Corrosion-resistance of alloys: Understanding the atomic scale structure and oxidation in spatial and temporal dimensions
  • Low-density polymer/carbon nanotube composites and carbon nanofibers: Understanding structural, thermal, mechanical, and processing properties for ultrahigh mechanical performance
  • Understanding protein-surface interactions in bone and teeth, biological calcification (coronary calcification), nanoparticle-tissue interactions, osteoporosis drugs, and improved dental ceramics
  • Nanoscale design of building materials: mineral-aqueous interactions, role of polymeric additives and grinding aids
  • Development of the INTERFACE force field, a surface model database, reactive IFF simulations, and user-friendly GUIs, including extensions for metals and alloys, layered materials, quantum dots, organic semiconductors, and complex electrolytes and electrochemistry (programming skills essential here)
  • Biological recognition, swelling, and electrical properties of layered nanomaterials containing titanates, MoS2, and graphene
PhD Student Positions Postdoctoral Positions

We are looking for PhD candidates in the ChBE, MSE, Chemistry, and Physics programs. If you have 1) a degree in chemical engineering, materials science, biological engineering, chemistry, physics, or related area with a competitive GPA, 2) love to solve scientifically challenging problems, 3) are keen on developing and applying the next generation modeling tools, 4) are ready to engage in teamwork and work independently to carry out projects to completion, please get in touch. Previous experience in a research project and familiarity with a programming language is helpful but not essential. The stipend is approximately $30,000 per year (before tax).


Postdoctoral candidates with a passion to develop the frontier of molecular and multiscale simulations, please get in touch. A strong record of completed Ph.D. research is needed, including outstanding written and oral communication, and a genuine sense for innovation and teamwork. Prior research can be in any related experimental or computational field, computational experience is not required. Postdoc salaries start at approximately $48,000 per year (before tax).

The application will be evaluated by the graduate school. Therefore, please review the admission requirements for ChBE, MSE, Chemistry, or Physics (transcripts of grades, CV, GRE, two or three references, and TOEFL if applicable). Contact me for initial feedback or any questions at heinz-positions@outlook.com (monthly review) or hendrik.heinz@colorado.edu.

I recommend you to send me (1) a brief statement about your interest in our group and your research interests, (2) a CV including all publications and a Google Scholar/Researcher ID link, (3) a brief summary of research to-date (Figures welcome), and (4) a list of three references (this is optional – I would likely contact after we get in touch) via email to heinz-positions@outlook.com (monthly review) or hendrik.heinz@colorado.edu.

Undergraduate students and M. S. students are welcome:
Please email me at hendrik.heinz@colorado.edu or stop by (Room BIOT C126) to discuss possible projects.