Heinz Lab Tour


Principal Investigator   
 Heinz 099

Dr. Hendrik Heinz, Associate Professor – Bio
PhD ETH Zurich 2003

Office: BIOT Rm. C126
Phone: 303-735-7517
Fax: 303-492-8425

Zhu_Cheng Dr. Cheng Zhu, Post-Doc
PhD Soochow U (China)
Catalysis and bioinspired assembly
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
Ph. D. Students  
Nguyen_Julie Julie Ngyen, Ph.D. Student
(joint with Weimer Lab)
B. S. Chemical Engineering, U Missouri
Advanced battery materials using ALD
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
Winetrout_Jordan Jordan J. Winetrout, Ph.D. Student
B. S. Polymer Science, U Southern Mississippi
AI-supported design of carbon-based composites
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
 p_8 Krishan Kanhaiya, Ph.D. Student
B. Tech. Chemical Engineering, IIT, India
Model development for metals, oxides, ceramics, corrosion
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
Odak_Katarina_cropped Katarina Odak, Ph.D. Student
(joint with Weimer Lab)
B. S. Chemical Engineering, Ohio State U
Solar thermal energy conversion using high-temperature ceramics
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
 p_10 Shiyi Wang, Ph.D. Student
B. S. Chemical Engineering, U Missouri Columbia
Directed assembly and catalytic activity of metal nanostructuresOffice: BIOT Rm. D111
 20170817_170858-e1503012629611.jpg Samuel Hoff, Ph.D. Student
B. S. Chemical Engineering, U Missouri
Biomineralization and bionanomaterials
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
Isaac_Armstrong Isaac Armstrong, Ph.D. Student
M. S. Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University
Gas purification systems for bioastronautics
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
pic1 Dominique (Mando) Ramirez, Ph.D. Student
B. S. Biochemistry, U Colorado
Molecular recognition and enzymatic reactions
Office: BIOT Rm. D111
Visiting Scientists  
 pic1 Prof. Ronald F. Ziolo
Google Scholar Profile
Centro de Investigación en Química Aplicada (CIQA), Mexico
Biological fate of engineered nanomaterials

 p_11 Dr. Ratan K. Mishra
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen
Modeling of hybrid materials and IFF development
 mahdi Mahdi Tavakol
Postdoc, University College Dublin
Understanding protein-apatite interactions and biomineral formation
 pic1 Dr. Ozge Heinz
Visiting scientist
Modeling of cement materials and ions
Undergraduate Students  
  Omkar Rajesh Shinde
Former Members and Guests
  • Dr. Amanda Garley, PhD student (2013-2019), Examiner at U. S. Patent Office
  • Dr. Juan Liu, postdoc (2017-2019), Professor at Dalian Maritime University, China
  • Dr. Tariq Jamil, PhD student (2013-2018), Professor at NED University of Technology, Pakistan
  • Mr. Michael Nathanson, M.S. student (2016-2018), Engineer at Intel
  • Ms. Lesli Mark, M.S. student (2015-2018), Ph.D. student at Medlin Lab
  • Ms. Daisy Fuchs, Undergraduate student, Summer 2019
  • Mr. Alfaia BaSallom, Undergraduate student, Summer 2018
  • Mr. Mohammed Alferayan, Undergraduate student, Summer 2018
  • Mr. Khalifah Alkhudair, Undergraduate student, Summer 2018
  • Mr. Kaiyi Hou, Undergraduate student, Summer 2018
  • Ms. Jingwen Gong, Undergraduate student, Summer 2018
  • Mr. Muhammad Azamuddin Hassan, Undergraduate student, Spring 2018
  • Mr. Mahdi Tavakol, Visiting Ph.D. student (Sharif University of Technology), 2017-2018
  • Mr. Joseph Manning, Visiting Ph.D. student (U Sheffield) and RSC Research and Mobility Grantee, 2017
  • Mr. Victor Bader, Undergraduate student, 2017-2018
  • Ms. Darice Guittet, Undergraduate student, 2017-2018
  • Mr. Jin Zeng, Undergraduate student, all year 2017
  • Mr. Zewei Wang, Undergraduate student, all year 2017
  • Ms. Raka Ghosh-Dastidar, Undergraduate student, Summer 2017
  • Mr. Aron Jessien, Undergraduate student, Summer 2017
  • Dr. Chandrani Pramanik, Postdoc, 2015-2017, Tata Steel
  • Mr. Marcus Sharp, UROP Undergraduate student, Summer 2017
  • Mr. Mohammed M. Almarri, Undergraduate student, Summer 2017
  • Mr. Adam Cronce, Undergraduate student, Spring 2017
  • Mr. Thomas Underwood, Visiting PhD student, 2017, University of Durham
  • Dr. Chamila Dharmawardhana, Postdoc, 2016-2017, Georgetown University
  • Ms. Peiying Li, Visiting PhD student , 2017, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Christopher Kirby, Undergraduate student, summer 2016, Rochester Inst Tech
  • Dr. Nada Mehio, Postdoc, 2016, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Dr. Nabanita Saikia, Postdoc 2015-2016, Michigan Tech U
  • Dr. Ali Javadi, PhD student 2013-2015, U Akron
  • Dr. Hadi Ramezani-Dakhel, PhD Student 2011-2015, U Chicago
  • Dr. Sanket Deshmukh, Research Asst Prof 2015, U North Carolina
  • Dr. Rajiv Berry, Visiting Scientist 2008-2015, AFRL
  • Mr. Masoud Sobani, PhD student 2014-2015, U Akron
  • Dr. Donald R. Wiff, Visiting Scientist 2010-2015, Western Reserve Micro-and Nano Systems
  • Dr. Han-Xue Hou, Visiting Professor 2014, Shandong Agricultural University, PR China
  • Dr. Fateme Sadat Emami, PhD student 2008-2013, Northwestern U
  • Mr. Mingzhe Li, PhD student 2012-2013, U Akron
  • Dr. Tzu-Jen Lin, PhD student 2010-2013, National Taiwan U
  • Dr. Hua Liu, PhD student 2007-2013, Shanghai
  • Dr. Ratan K. Mishra, PhD student 2007-2012, ETH Zurich
  • Dr. Kshitij Jha, PhD student 2006-2012, U Akron
  • Dr. Amir Vahid, Visiting PhD student 2008-2012, Northwestern U
  • Mr. Sung-Jun Kim, PhD student 2011-2012, U Akron
  • Dr. Yao-Tsung Fu, PhD student 2006-2011, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Jie Feng, Post-doc 2007-2010, Natl Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Dr. Jian-jie Liang, Sabbatical, 2008, Accelrys, Inc.
  • Mr. Gregory D. Zartman, Undergraduate, 2007-2008, Goodyear
  • Mr. John Repasky, Undergraduate, 2008, Sony DADC
  • Dr. Pratyush Dayal, Visiting scientist, 2007, IIT Gandhinagar, India
  • Dr. Siddarth V. Patwardhan, Visiting Scientist, 2007, U Sheffield, UK